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Pandora achieves target of DKK 200 M in savings

Pandora aimed to save DKK 200 M per year on their IT budget. Zangenberg assisted with benchmarking and negotiating the major agreements across the IT stack.

Consolidating IT Vendors from 60 to 3

Pandora’s strategic goal was to achieve annual savings of DKK 200 M in their IT budget: partly by consolidating, and reducing the number of IT Vendors from 60 to 3.

The aim was to find savings across IT operations, maintenance, development and service desk etc. In addition to market-compliant pricing and direct savings, Pandora wanted to modernise their IT landscape through automation and an ambitious cloud strategy, which would be driven and priced by the new provider.

Our assistance

Zangenberg Analytics analysed and benchmarked Pandora’s existing IT landscape to find the market-compliant price for the services required. Based on Pandora’s strategic objectives – including a large acquisition of cloud services – we helped Pandora negotiate new agreements that were attractive in terms of prices, terms and service levels.

As part of the negotiation assistance, we systematically reviewed the offers from providers, comparing them with benchmarked market prices and services. Together with Pandora, we defined negotiating topics for discussion with the providers, prioritised in terms of impact on service quality, financial risks and direct costs.


  • Huge savings on IT operations, development, maintenance and service desk
  • New agreements in all key areas – modernised service and better terms


Zangenberg Analytics have us with benchmarking and cost analyses supporting the negotiations with Accenture and TCS. We are quite certain that this had led to large cost reductions.

Peter Cabello,
Former CIO, Pandora (translated)

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