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Take your career to new heights

We are always on the lookout for ambitious economists, computer scientists, statisticians and other specialists with a passion for the world of IT finance. We want to be the best and never compromise on professionalism. That is why we consistently take on projects and challenges that can develop both ourselves and our clients.

Does that also describe you to a T? If so, then maybe there is a future for you at Zangenberg.

Working at Zangenberg


We believe in our people

At Zangenberg Analytics, all our specialists are part of the core team from Day One. We will motivate you by investing you with responsibility, and providing you with an opportunity to make an impact in both our client projects and internal development projects at the outset of your career.


You’ll be solving tough problems for senior executives

We work in strategy rather than implementation. Our projects are rooted in complex IT, finance and technology issues, and we work on IT portfolios and budgets often exceeding DKK 500 million per year. We also pride ourselves on our knack of talking to people at every level, be they technicians, controllers or senior executives. At Zangenberg Analytics, every single day you will encounter fresh challenges at the intersection between strategy, technology and finance.


You'll become a specialist

We spend all our time on the most important strategic and financial IT decisions, rather than routine tasks and reporting. You will be exposed to several of the biggest IT and sourcing projects in the Nordics, constantly guided by our expert consultants and IT specialists. As a consultant, you will have at your fingertips the most extensive data sources within our field in the Nordics, wich will accelerate your learning and provide you with unique insight and perspective in every single project.


Interdisciplinarity is our credo

We are proud of our culture as a boutique company and believe in interdisciplinarity and curiosity. Our focus is to consolidate technological and financial insghts into clear strategic recommendations - which means that we always strive to keep up to date with technological trends and continuously develop our internal models, projects and services.


We invest in long-term career opportunities

In an industry famous for its high staff turnover, we believe that investment in long-term collaboration yields the highest returns. We balance intensive problem solving with a high level of flexibility, ensuring plenty of room to explore everything that matters outside the office. We are proud of the fact that everyone who starts in Zangenberg chooses to stay for many years.

Meet two job profiles

A typical project is when we assisted a Danish C25 company in their strategy and business case for migrating applications to the cloud. Here, you work alongside the senior consultants, and play a vital role in all the project phases; from data management and analysis to consolidating results into clear insights and presenting to the client's senior management

Mathilde Welinder,
Junior Consutant

We all work together in a large open office at Pilestrædet. This strengthens the feeling of a flat hierachi, where there are no stupid questions. No matter how busy the office is, there is always a great atmosphere and time for professional sparring.

Adrian Møller,
Junior Consultant

Would you like to know more?

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Senior Consultant

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Dan Thor Larsen

Associate Partner

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