Public sector entities are legally bound to put their Azure- aws or google contracts in a public tender. Private organizations can also utilize the RFP-instrument to get a better deal. Zangenberg has helped several customers through this process. This is the first time where we will share experiences and best practices – and give you answers to these questions:

  • Who should we expect to bid – the hyperscalers (Microsoft, Amazon, Googe, IBM..) or resellers of their services
  • The game-theory behind it all  – what happens in this market when you issue an RFP?
  • How do we level the playing field? How to structure the RFP
  • How do we create the biggest incentive to give us the largest discounts?
  • How do we ensure, that we get the services we need?
  • RFP-structure and contract structure

This presentation is highly relevant for public sector entities and will be conducted in English to accommodate participants from outside Denmark.

The presentations will be from our experts Kasper Poulsen, Frederik Bastkær Chistensen and Henrik Zangenberg.

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Dato og tid:

18. maj, 2021 14:00 - 15:00