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Ørsted set the course for their journey to the cloud

Ørsted needed to accellerate its cloud journey as part of the Digital Strategy. Zangenberg assisted with the detailed business-case and strategic roadmap for migrating to the Cloud.

Financial Cloud Assessment to Expedite the Journey

As part of its digital strategy, Ørsted has ambitious plans to leverage cloud computing to support business with fast scaling, advanced analytics, AI, mobile solutions and automation.

Ørsted was used to traditional data centre operations and had no clear overview of the financial impact cloud migration would entail.

What they needed was an outline of scenarios for the future infrastructure and the financial situation.

Our assistance

On a daily basis, Zangenberg collates all cloud price points for the major public cloud providers. With our unique knowledge of the pricing mechanisms, perks and pitfalls of cloud computing, we helped Ørsted to define relevant cloud candidates, to work out a business case for operations and optimisation potential.

We mapped and analysed the baseline and costs of Ørsted’s IT and application landscape. Together with their IT managers, we determined strategic objectives and specific characteristics for potential cloud providers.

We defined relevant system groups, set up cloud scenarios and benchmarked the difference between migrating ‘as is’ and migrating with an optimised scenario.


  • A number of defined systems and areas relevant to the first wave of cloud migration
  • A business case showing the cost of operating the systems in the cloud, as compared to current costs
  • Focus on cost drivers and pitfalls in cloud migration
  • High-level principles for operating the systems in the cloud
  • Identification of central processes, activities and roles

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