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Zangenberg Webinars: M&A!

11. juni 2024 - 09:00-10:30

Merging and Acquisition of companies often occur with the aim of driving synergies within the company's business areas.

However, the merger of IT systems can turn into an unforeseen cost, both financially and for the functionality of the ongoing IT operations.

At the same time, there can actually be significant synergies to be gained through renegotiation of contracts within the merged company.

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Zangenberg has experience with due diligence, benchmark analysis, synergy calculations, strategy, and subsequent renegotiations in connection with several major M&A transactions and will share experiences and recommendations in this webinar.

Gain an overview of how an IT merger should be structured to achieve the maximum possible synergies in the overall setup. Understand which sourcing strategic considerations are particularly important, what risks and challenges typically arise with acquisitions, and how to navigate them.

And finally, what are the typical potentials for realizing synergy effects in the IT area in connection with an acquisition or merger?