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Zangenberg Webinar: Skyrocketing software prices – and what you can do about it.

15. januar 2024 - 09:00-10:30

During 2023 we saw the largest increases on software prices.
Overall the prices increased with more than 10% but many vendors increased prices with 25% and some even with more than 100%.

Software negotiations became tougher in 2023 but some customers were able to maintain existing price levels. As always software can be priced at almost any price depending on the context and the negotiation position.

Follow us on this journey through the 2023 battlefield and get our input to the elements of your 2024 strategy. If you do nothing you should expect your prices to continue to increase, and we would advise you to ask for an additional 20% to cover price increases alone.

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We will take you through the following subjects:

  • The main vendors and their strategies through 2023
  • What to expect in 2024
  • Fighting monopolies and playing the long game
  • What worked well for customers in 2023
  • What tenacity looks like in a software negotiation – prepare for drastic meassures!
  • Plan B and the X-list
  • Organizing for negotiation- Get top management on board – or get more money.
  • What to do in 2024


This webcast is hosted by Henrik Zangenberg and Clara Pedersen – both experienced software negotiation advisors.

Clara Louise Petersen

Senior Consultant

+45 20 18 34 60