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Zangenberg Webinar: DIY Health Check of your IT-costs

28. maj 2024 - 09:00-10:30

This is our most comprehensive DIY webinar to date.

We will equip you with the tools, key figures and rules of thumb to perform a comprehensive health check of your it-costs, all by yourself.

This will most probably be the most profitable one and a half hour spent in 2024. 

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On this webinar we will touch on:

  • Software-agreements – how to assess the price.
  • ITO – Is it likely that we are on benchmark?
  • Rightsizing – how is it done fast?
  • ServiceDesk – what to look for.
  • Ratecards – on the right track or not?
  • AMS agreements – how to evaluate the current state of affairs
  • Internal staffing – understaffed on key positions?


Using these tools, you will be able to zoom in on the areas that needs closer attention. Do not waste time optimizing the wrong places.

Adrian Møller


+45 28 30 80 57


Mads Oskar Jørring

Senior Consultant

+45 61 78 35 21