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Zangenberg Webinar: ESG – New EU-legislation and what it means for both customer and vendors.

5. marts 2024 - 09:00-10:30

Zangenberg Analytics has worked with ESG calculation for several years and we have followed the legislation closely – including the complicated CSRD protocol that issues new standards for calculating the carbon footprint.

Everybody needs to prepare for reporting, but soon you will be required to set targets.

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We will give you the tools to do this based on market standards and benchmarks.

  • How to calculate your carbon footprint
  • Market based vs Location based approach.
  • The role of PUE
  • The role of different types and generations of hardware
  • Calculating the footprint using CSRD and GPP (the EU-methodology you need to understand)
  • How to set targets

Your hosts will be Dan Thor Larsen and Mads Jørring

Dan Thor Larsen

Associate Partner

+45 26 94 54 40


Mads Oskar Jørring

Senior Consultant

+45 61 78 35 21