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Wine & Dine with Zangenberg Analytics

21. november 2023 - 17:30-20:30

Calling all Economics students! Zangenberg Analytics hereby invites to an informal evening with our consultants to meet you, and tell a bit about our ways of working.

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Zangenberg Analytics is a data driven consultancy with a focus on strategy within IT and technology. We are positioned as specialists in the Nordics and experts on IT-pricing, -strategy, -M&A and negotiation of complex IT sourcing and software agreements. We are a dedicated group of economists curious to apply our analytical mindset to solve real-life cases and make the largest Nordic Public and Private sector entities reach their full potential within IT and technology. If this sounds interesting, and anything like you, we definitely want to get in touch!

We hereby invite you to wine and dine with Zangenberg’s CEO, Henrik Zangenberg, and our consultants Clara Louise Petersen, Maja Andersen, and Ferdinand Hunneche. We’ll provide insights into our work and demonstrate how the analytical mindset achieved during your studies can help solve our clients’ strategic problems. You will also get the chance to engage in informal discussions with our consultants to see whether a career within IT strategy consultancy is right for you.

You apply by sending your transcript, CV, and a brief statement why you’re interested in this opportunity. The application is open for economics students having finished their 2nd semester.

We look very much forward to meeting you!



Feel free to contact:

Senior Consultant Clara Louise Petersen


Clara Louise Petersen

Senior Consultant

+45 20 18 34 60