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CO2 Benchmarking of your Data Center

17. august 2021 - 14:00-15:30

Is your data center your Carbon-emission nemesis? Hear Zangenberg Analytics talk about why and how you can (and should) get an overview of your IT-carbon footprint and a plan to reduce it.

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The ICT-ecosystem is responsible for 2% of the world’s carbon emission and is expected to surpass 10% by 2030. If your company has a carbon-emission objective your data center operation must be included – no matter if you are outsourced or insourced or if you use private or public cloud services.

We have performed CO2 benchmarking of major data centers and data center strategies. During this webcast we will take you through the underlying calculations and we will discuss, what companies can do in general to drastically reduce emissions.

Plan – the activities you should include in your systems- and infrastructure planning

Build – how you build to reduce emissions

Run – how to ensure a low emission operation

Attend this presentation with interesting real-life examples of quantifying.