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Zangenberg Webinar: Carbon emission benchmarking of your datacenter services

24. October 2023 - 09:00-10:30

In today's environmentally conscious world, measuring and reducing carbon emissions is paramount.

Learn how to benchmark and optimize the environmental impact of your datacenter services in this informative webinar.
Discover practical strategies for achieving sustainability goals and contributing to a greener future.

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The practical approach to ESG in datacenter contracts.

ESG will carry a number of practical and legal obligations on both customers and vendors.

– Learn how new EU regulation will impact your it contracts
– How can you measure carbon emission on datacenter operations?
– How should you require your vendors to measure and report on carbon emission?
– How do you set targets for carbon emission and reductions in your contrrcts?

Dan Thor Larsen

Associate Partner

+45 26 94 54 40


Mads Oscar Jørring

Senior Consultant

+45 61 78 35 21