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Zangenberg Webinar: SAP License Estate Optimization

19. May 2022 - 09:00-10:30

Many SAP Customers face projects such as an S/4 HANA migration, development of customized solutions, deploying SaaS alternatives or transforming towards an ERP “best-of-breed”-model. Combined with changing SAP license policies, this leaves most Customers with a high potential for either reducing their SAP costs or increasing utilization of their suite.

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This webcast will focus on how SAP Customers can optimize the SAP license estate.

We will focus on the main levers for identifying and leveraging this potential through themes like matching SAP license costs with business value based on measured usage. Capitalizing on reduced usage when implementing SaaS alternatives and “best-of-breed”-model. Prioritizing development and customizations against observed use cases. Revisiting T&C’s and favorable license metrics and transforming potential into reduced costs

Webcast insights are based on anonymized cases of past Client’s experiences, findings from in-depth user-transaction analysis, benchmarking, and negotiation results.

Albert Hjelmsted Nygård

Associate Partner

+45 50 90 31 69