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Zangenberg Webinar: Cloud FinOps – 2023

18. April 2023 - 09:00-10:30

Meet the experts – hear the latest experiences from leading Nordic clients.

As our clients move more and more capacity to the cloud, they all experience a more unpredictable cost picture. This is the single most important threat to your IT cost management, and a robust FinOps setup is essential. Cloud FinOps is constantly evolving as pricing models and performance portfolios change, and therefore, you need to stay alert to keep up.

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In this webcast, you’ll get the key highlights from the leading analysts in the field.

  • Negotiating your cloud agreement
  • Hyperscaler RfP – is it necessary and is it valuable?
  • FinOps basics – what you absolutely need to know
  • Pricing in the cloud – the long look back – and a look ahead
  • All the places you waste your money
  • “Clean up your room” - Utilization og rightsizing
  • Should we outsource FinOps?
  • Cloud management and hybrid Cloud outsourcing arrangements


Dan Thor Larsen

Associate Partner

+45 26 94 54 40