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Zangenberg Webinar: Application Maintenance

28. March 2023 - 09:00-10:30

The savings are waiting for you!

Your organization undoubtedly pays for maintenance for a range of both large and small systems, developed over many years. These agreements typically maintain the same price and often go under the radar - they simply become part of the annual budget process: "Next year we will likely spend as much as we did this year."
But that is a mistake, as maintenance agreements should become cheaper over time, as activity typically decreases as applications mature. Therefore, there is every reason to take a closer look at your maintenance agreements.

In this webcast, a number of Zangenberg's specialists will provide you with very specific advice on how to achieve savings.

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  • AMS - What is typically included in the agreements?
  • Cost development over time - concrete examples
  • Benchmarking application maintenance - what drives the costs?
  • Critical mass and consolidation of maintenance tasks
  • Nearshoring and Offshoring - because there simply aren't enough developers in Denmark
  • The different types of agreements
  • Getting started