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Zangeberg Webinar: Cost Out – Software agreements

25. April 2023 - 09:00-10:30

How to get the right price for your Microsoft, Oracle, SAS, IBM, Salesforce and SAP agreement

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Software agreements make up an increasingly important portion of the overall IT budget. Zangenberg Group has deep insight into pricing and terms for leading software products and has helped many customers optimize their software agreements.
In this webinar, you will gain insight into a market characterized by a total lack of transparency.

Negotiate for the right price

Regardless of what you have heard and what the vendor tells you, the following is a fact: You can negotiate with software vendors!

Customers with the same consumption pay vastly different prices for software. Large customers do not necessarily get the best prices, but they do get visits from the best salespeople. A well-executed software negotiation is like a Wagner opera in four acts: it is long, full of drama, long passages where not much happens, and one believes that everyone dies at the end of the third act.
In this webinar, Henrik Zangenberg and Mathilde Claudius Welinder look at the most important aspects of preparing for and conducting software negotiations and take a look at the characteristics of the largest vendors.

In addition, they will cover the following topics:

  • How software is priced
  • The Software Negotiation Playbook
  • Important negotiation lever: The different user profiles
  • Important negotiation lever: The actual use of the software packages
  • Important negotiation lever: Third party alternatives
  • How to measure your software usage: Microsoft and SAP
  • Special considerations for SaaS agreements
  • Contract terms worth negotiating