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Control your Cloud Spend – Time is running out!

13. June 2023 - 09:00-10:30

Get the most up to date advice from the experts that outperform Microsoft's optimization tools.

Controlling your cloud spend is becoming more difficult with higher complexity and more important with increased total spend. All our clients are faced with this issue, and at this webinar you will get insights into some of the most advanced analytical approaches you can apply.

At this webinar you will learn how to optimize your cloud spend. Based on actual cases, we will demonstrate the value and take you through the steps.

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Optimizing your cloud spending is a complex and multifaceted exercise that involve many steps and disciplines:


  • Select the right IaaS components – server types, storage options
  • Optimize for performance – select the right versions, optimize and rightsize
  • Reserved capacity
  • Dynamic optimization levers
  • Overall rightsizing vs segmented rightsizing
  • License optimization
  • Regions
  • Commitment
  • Discounts


Many tools can help you do part of the job, but to achieve optimal results, you need the entire portfolio of optimization mechanisms working together.

Participate in this exclusive webcast If you want to understand the complexity of FinOps and be able to set the requirements to insourced or outsourced FinOps.