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Zangenberg Webinar: ITO Pricing 2024 – including the latest news on Cloud Management.

23. January 2024 - 09:00-10:30

There are still hidden cost savings in your IT operations outsourcing contracts.
Internal IT-operation should follow the market prices – and in 2024 more clients will consider outsourcing to ensure quality and security and to survive in a labor market where it becomes increasingly difficult to attract and retain skilled ITO-resources.

IT Operation is typically the single largest cost category in your it-budget, but how much time do you spend on optimizing your ITO-contracts?

For many years we experienced substantial decreases in the unit prices for infrastructure operation. Today we see more moderate decreases, but it is still important to ensure that you purchase at the right unit price as the volumes increases.

Other areas like servicedesk-operation and onsite support has experienced substantial price reductions fueled by automation, the use of chatbots, self-service and improved knowledge management.

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On this webcast we will take you through the main developments of 2023 and look ahead for 2024:

  • Rightsizing and rightpricing – the basics
  • Infrastructure operation (server, storage, network) – higher volumes lower unit prices.
  • Focus on storage – what happens if you have more than 2PB ?
  • Application and database operation
  • Servicedesk and onsite support – the new areas of optimization
  • Cloud management in you ITO contract – pricing and the content of the services
  • The 2024 ITO RFP


Your hosts will be Henrik Zangenberg and Adrian Møller.

Adrian Møller


+45 28 30 80 57