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Nordic pharmaceutical company

A Nordic pharmaceutical company integrated the IT portfolio on attractive agreements following a large acquisition.

A Nordic pharmaceutical company made a major acquisition and greatly expanded its IT landscape. Zangenberg helped ensure that the company could integrate the newly acquired IT landscape on attractive agreements.

Major Acquisition of foreign Biopharma Company

As part of a major foreign acquisition, the pharmaceutical company is taking over more than 600 employees and production facilities. In this context, it was crucial for the acquisition to determine outsourced agreements for the integration and operation of the IT landscape.

It was also crucial for the co-financing of the acquisition that the new agreements would be concluded at competitive prices across the infrastructure and application area.

Our assistance

Zangenberg Analytics provided focused assistance in analysing, benchmarking and defining targets for a number of key agreements – including IT operations, application maintenance and ERP.

Within the acquisition’s short time frame, we helped the client with an overview of the potentials, and prioritized areas for the imminent negotiating.

In the areas where technical data from the due diligence material was incomplete, we drew on our market-leading database for reference data.

During the actual negotiation process, we helped the client in reviewing proposals from suppliers, benchmarking against reference data on prices and services, and prioritizing negotiation topics. We also accompanied them at the negotiating table for focused support during the final hours.


  • A quick, focused overview of benchmarked commercial targets across infrastructure operation, application maintenance and ERP etc.
  • Attractive, competitively-priced agreements for the integration and operation of the IT landscape
  • A successful negotiation process within a short time frame, with agreements containing risk sharing, based on the technical due diligence material

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