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Copenhagen Airports

Copenhagen Airports saves 20% on its IT budget through targeted benchmarking

Zangenberg helped the company with a comprehensive review of all IT costs, benchmarking and a renegotiation of key agreements, ensuring savings of more than 20%

New IT Strategy

Københavns Lufthavne relies on a resilient, cohesive infrastructure that must be operated at a competitive price. The company defined a new IT strategy and wanted to free up funds from traditional operation and maintenance for development. Their IT budget was confusing, and several external agreements had not been assessed or put out to tender for a number of years.

Our assistance

Zangenberg Analytics conducted a systematic mapping of all IT costs, applying the company’s IT financial model. This facilitated benchmarking of internal functions. We could also identify the external agreements that accounted for the largest share of the total costs. These agreements were benchmarked, and the agreements with the greatest potential were renegotiated – and some were re-tendered.

Zangenberg also assisted the company in designing and implementing new provider and contract management processes.


  • Huge savings of more than 20%
  • New agreements in all key areas – better prices and better conditions
  • New provider and contract management processes
  • KPIs based on benchmarking
  • New transparent IT budget and new IT chart of accounts

For the big license agreements, we have been benchmarking with Zangenberg and found +20% savings on each. We have also been looking at the big outsourcing deals [....] which has reduced the cost of operating the infrastructure and avoided too high costs

Jonas Dan Jørgensen,
IT Director, Copenhagen Airports A/S

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