SAP Digital Access – Pitfalls and golden rules to a successful strategy for your Digital/Indirect Access.


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Zangenberg Analytics is hosting a one-hour webcast on the most important elements when entering into your new Digital Access HANA S/4 agreement.

The webcast will be initiated with a presentation in English followed by an interactive QA session. As a participant you are required to register in advance. To ensure GDPR compliance we will need your consent to allow for other participants to be able to see your name and email during the session, as we are making use of Microsoft Teams.


This webcast will be running on May 28th, 2020 from 09:00am to 10:00am. Please register by sending an email to Marianne Vang Kreim at stating you wish to participate, as well as your GDPR consent. You will subsequently receive an invitation with a weblink. The webcast is free and open for all.



SAP licensing agreements continue to be one of the largest IT expenses for a number of companies in the Nordic region. The new Cloud capabilities also involve the complexity of transitioning to new rules for Indirect Access that customers move to when transitioning to HANA S/4 and new purchases.


In this session, the leading software licensing experts in the Nordic region will provide you with a thorough overview of how, as an SAP customer, you can safely get through digital / Indirect Access considerations and how you should structure your SAP negotiation to ensure that previously obtained rights are not eroded. Zangenberg Analytics has helped a number of the Nordic region’s largest private companies and public organizations manage the SAP portfolio, mitigate Digital Access compliance requirements and negotiate with SAP. At this webinar we will alternate between presentation of methods, data and specific cases.


In this session we will address the following topics:

  • What is SAP Indirect and Digital Access? We provide a clear definition of indirect access and concrete case examples to highlight the primary compliance scenarios.
  • Mapping Indirect and Digital Access: Zangenberg Analytics provides insight into the 4-step process and model for mapping Indirect and Digital Access, including which data and integrations that customers should ensure an overview of.
  • SAP Digital / Indirect Access licensing models Pros / Cons: Review of the primary SAP Indirect and Digital Access models and how different generations of agreements provide different protection against Indirect Access.
  • Characteristics of how and when to move to the Digital Access paradigm. A number of cases are used that focus sharply on TCO depending on the agreement history.
  • Indirect / Digital Access protection: How to transfer Indirect / Digital access protection to new HANA S / 4 contracts and a review of the requirements for the Digital Access framework when converting.
  • Pricing of Digital Access: An insight into pricing of both classic Indirect access and digital access including benchmark prices for a range of selected products based on Q1 2020 data.
  • SAP Digital Access Conversion Program: Zangenberg Analytics reviews special Digital Access conversion framework from SAP. The migration and conversion credit programs and Cloud Extension policies that focus on the use of shelf ware licenses in the purchase of Indirect or Digital Access licenses are sharply focused.
  • SAP negotiation strategy in relation to HANA: How is negotiation with SAP best prepared when discussing HANA? We review the most essential elements that form the core and recommended structure of any negotiation with SAP.
  • Cases: Financial Services, Retail, Energy, Manufacturing, Chemicals.


Frederik Bastkær Christiansen

Partner and Managing DirectorMail: fbc@zangenberg.bizTlf: +45 23 60 34 05

Albert Hjelmsted Nygård

Project LeadMail: an@zangenberg.bizTlf: +45 50 90 31 69


Dato og tid:

28. maj, 2020 09:00 - 10:00