Make your IT Budget stretch further in 2020


Find the hidden savings in your it-budget


Making the most out of your IT-budget has never been more important. IT vendor managers, sourcing managers and category managers are invited to attend this webcast where we will be giving you the pointers to the IT spending-areas where you can save money or get more for your existing budget. We will be taking a close look at the “hidden savings” in areas like:


  • IT Operational contracts (midrange and mainframe)
  • Application maintenance
  • Software contracts
  • Cloud spending
  • Servicedesk optimization options
  • Alternative sourcing models (from insourcing to outsourcing and from outsourcing to insourcing)


Henrik Zangenberg (CEO & Partner), Dan Thor Larsen (Project Lead) and Albert Nygaard (Project Lead) will be taking you through the numbers, the tools and real life-examples.


Practical information

The webcast will be initiated with a presentation in English followed by an interactive Q&A session. As a participant you are required to register in advance. To ensure GDPR compliance we will need your consent to allow for other participants to be able to see your name and email during the session, as we are making use of Microsoft Teams.  

This webcast will be running on August 11th 2020 from 09:00am to 10:00am. Please register by sending an email to Zangenberg Webcast at stating you wish to participate, as well as your GDPR consent. You will subsequently receive an invitation with a weblink.

Henrik Zangenberg

CEO & PartnerMail: henrik@zangenberg.bizTlf: +45 30 57 50 07

Dan Thor Larsen

Project LeadMail: dtl@zangenberg.bizTlf: +45 26 94 54 40

Albert Hjelmsted Nygård

Project LeadMail: an@zangenberg.bizTlf: +45 50 90 31 69


Dato og tid:

11. august, 2020 09:00 - 10:00