Mainframe Outsourcing Economy – A joint webinar by SMT Data & Zangenberg Analytics 


SMT Data and Zangenberg Analytics are hosting a one and a half hour webinar on how to best manage Performance and Capacity Management of your Mainframe Environment and enable Contract Optimization – join our webinar and gain new insight.


The webinar will be initiated with a presentation in English followed by an interactive Q&A session. As a participant you are required to register in advance. We are making use of Microsoft Teams.


This webinar will be running on September 22nd 2020 from 4pm to 5.30pm (CET) Please register by sending an email to: stating your wish to participate. You will subsequently receive an invitation with a weblink.




Part 1: Mainframe Contract Optimization and Mainframe Application Maintenance – by Frederik Bastkær Christensen, Partner and Managing Director, Zangenberg Analytics


Mainframe Contract Optimization
There is a number of possibilities for improving your Mainframe Contract. It is important to understand the most important price drivers, which we will be covered in this session:


  • The current state of the Mainframe Market and its Key Players
  • What am I paying for – decomposing the mainframe costs into its core elements (hardware, IBM software, 3rd party software, operational scope, MIPS metrics, MIPS rating and consumptions patterns)
    • Z12-z13 and z13-z15 discounts on MLC and AWLC costs
    • Impact of vendors not sharing technical dividends during mainframe upgrades/transitions
  • Optimization of your Mainframe Contracts (Scope of Service, Software, Cost Metrics incl. 4HRA, percentiles, hard cap, soft cap etc.
  • Software costs make up the majority of mainframe costs – how do we optimize and leverage the various IBM and 3rd party structures to ensure price performance
  • How does metrics impact MSU/MIPS pricing
  • Case examples of commercial impact of metric interpretation by vendors
  • How to improve price performance by using specialty engines (zIIP, ZAAP, IFL
    • What is the optimal qay of buying zIIP/zAAP capacity (% GP MIPS price vs Engines)

Part 2: Outsourcer Transparency – by Steven Thomas, Chief Technology Officer, SMT Data


  • The basic elements of CPU-based pricing for outsourced mainframes:
    • Understanding MIPS and MSU
    • The pitfalls of MIPS
    • The mainframe outsourcer’s cost structure
  • Billing models for outsourced mainframes
  • How to follow up on your mainframe outsourcer


This webinar is presented by:

Frederik Bastkær Christensen, Partner and Managing Director, Zangenberg Analytics

Steven Thomas, CTO, SMT Data


Frederik Bastkær Christiansen

Partner and Managing DirectorMail: fbc@zangenberg.bizTlf: +45 23 60 34 05


Dato og tid:

22. september, 2020 16:00 - 17:30