Mainframe Outsourcing Economy – A joint webcast by SMT Data & Zangenberg Analytics 


SMT Data and Zangenberg Analytics are hosting a one and a half hour webcast on how to best manage Performance and Capacity Management of your Mainframe Environment and enable Contract Optimization – join our webcast and gain new insight.


The webcast will be initiated with a presentation in English and there will be an interactive Q&A session during the presentation. As a participant you are required to register in advance. We will be making use of Zoom at the webinar.

This webcasts will be running on June 23rd 2020 from 09:00am to 10:30am. Please register by sending an email to: stating your wish to participate. You will subsequently receive an invitation with a weblink.


The following topics will be covered in this webcast:


Part 1 Mainframe Contract Optimization and Mainframe Application Maintenance – by Frederik Bastkær Christensen, Partner and Managing Director, Zangenberg Analytics


Mainframe Contract Optimization
There is a number of possibilities for improving your Mainframe Contract. It is important to understand the most important price drivers, which we will be covered in this session:

  • The current state of the Mainframe Market and its Key Players
  • What am I paying for – decomposing the mainframe costs into its core elements (hardware, IBM software, 3rdparty software, operational scope, MIPS metrics, MIPS rating and consumptions patterns)
    • Z12-z13 and z13-z15 discounts on MLC and AWLC costs
    • Impact of vendors not sharing technical dividends during mainframe upgrades/transitions
  • Optimization of your Mainframe Contracts (Scope of Service, Software, Cost Metrics incl. 4HRA, percentiles, hard cap, soft cap etc.
  • Software costs make up the majority of mainframe costs – how do we optimize and leverage the various IBM and 3rd party structures to ensure price performance
  • How does metrics impact MSU/MIPS pricing
  • Case examples of commercial impact of metric interpretation by vendors
  • How to improve price performance by using specialty engines (zIIP, ZAAP, IFL
    • What is the optimal qay of buying zIIP/zAAP capacity (% GP MIPS price vs Engines)

Part 2 Outsourcer Transparency – by Steven Thomas, Chief Technology Officer, SMT Data


  • The basic elements of CPU-based pricing for outsourced mainframes:
    • Understanding MIPS and MSU
    • The pitfalls of MIPS
    • The mainframe outsourcer’s cost structure
  • Billing models for outsourced mainframes
  • How to follow up on your mainframe outsourcer


This webcast is presented by:

Frederik Bastkær Christensen, Partner and Managing Director, Zangenberg Analytics

Steven Thomas, CTO, SMT Data



Dato og tid:

23. juni, 2020 09:00 - 10:30