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Insight for Professionals Working with IT-outsourcing, Operations and Financials


Quarterly Analytics’ research helps IT-outsourcing buyers navigate the market and save money on current contracts as well as new agreements.

  • Save money on your IT-outsourcing deals
  • Track marketprice developments
  • Identify outsourcing contracts that are out of sync with marketpricing


Quarterly Analytics’ research helps local and international vendors gain insight into local marketpricing and dynamics.

  • Ensure your proposals are in sync with local pricing
  • Improve client satisfaction and retention
  • Join buyer and advisor subscribers in conversations about relevent IT-sourcing issues


Quarterly Analytics’ research supports strategic advisors in the IT-outsourcing space by aiding them in helping their clients understand marketprice developments.

Get Access to Current Market Prices

Each quarter we publish SEK price points for a set of 20 outsourced infrastructure operation services in the server, storage, backup,

workstation networking space. Price points are generated from active Scandinavian contracts and updated quarterly.

A subscription also gives access to the Quarterly Analytics Public Cloud Pricing report, which tracks the market price of underlying infrastructure from five archetype applications comparing on-premise and public cloud setups.


Keep an Eye on Market Price Developments Over Time

At Quarterly Analytics we have been tracking the market for outsourced infrastructure operations since 2010. A subscription includes quarterly updated indices showing price development for server, storage, backup and network services. This allows you to compare price developments in your active contracts and the market.


Are your contracts up to date?

Quarterly Analytics’ Contract Health Check is an effective tool to determine if contracts are in sync with the market price.


Share Knowledge. Gain Insight.

Quarterly Analytics subscriptions include networking events with a difference: No selling. No vendor purchased speaking slots. No paid meeting opportunities. We host four annual events, where the unique perspectives of our buy, advisor and vendor-side subscribers are shared and feature some of the most interesting and relatable sourcing strategic cases in Scandinavia.


Optimize your IT Setup

Quarterly Analytics has a wide range of how-to articles that help buyers optimize their IT setup. Læs blandt andet vores artikelserie ‘Cloudskolen’.Quarterly Analytics has a wide range of how-to articles that help buyers optimize their IT setup.


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