Zangenberg & Company



Zangenberg & Company helps businesses define strategies for digitization that are both ambitious and possible. We use our broad knowledge of global mega-trends when defining goals for the transition of the corporation’s value chain. We combine this with technical insight and a sound understanding of the corporation’s existing baseline. We do this to ensure that strategies, solutions, budgets and timetables are realistic.

IT-Sourcing Strategy

Better economy, better management, better use of technological opportunities and better grounding. These are just some of the benefits that can be gained from raising IT sourcing to a piece of strategic work. Through mapping and scenario work, we help to create an overview of the organisation’s sourcing strategic options and the derived financial consequences.


Zangenberg Group is a data-driven company at its core. That’s why we believe we are better than most at consulting on data-strategies. We help large organizations in both the private and public sector to define goals, guidelines and rules for working with data as a strategic asset. What is the value of data to your organization? We help businesses define their demands for roles, organization, competences, technologies and tools needed to reach their goals.

Negotiation Assistance

Negotiating requires knowledge, preparation and a clear strategy. The difference between a good and a bad result can surmount to several million kroner, and is an area where an external consultancy is almost always worth having. We advise clients negotiating IT-contracts – often above 50 million DKK – and have helped numerous C20 companies as well as some of the largest public organizations negotiate and re-negotiate some of their largest contacts. Negotiation assistance is always handled by an expert team lead by some of our most senior consultants. We also offer a course in negotiating complex IT-contacts, which is typically an integrated part of the negotiating preparation process. All of our courses are offered in cooperation with Quarterly Analytics.


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